Counselling In Brief

Counselling & psychotherapy

Counselling is fundamentally a talking therapy so I feel the relationship between you (the client) and me (the therapist) is so important. We both have to decide if we can work together.

Counselling can offer you the opportunity to explore and talk about your problems, issues, concerns, behaviours; whatever is worrying you in a private, confidential space.

I believe I am empathic and talking to me may feel easier than sharing with family or friends; I can possibly offer a different perspective enabling you to see things more clearly.

To explain further; there’s a popular allegory about a person trapped down a hole – this is my take on that:

The sympathetic helper gets in the hole too, and ends up in the same state as them.

The empathic helper however, seeks to understand the other person’s problem but maintains a useful perspective on the situation – outside the hole.

 Counselling is not giving advice, providing answers or telling you what to do.

I believe counselling is for me to facilitate your journey so you can grow, change and flourish in the way you wish to.


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