My thoughts; the polarities of covid-19 (April 18th 2020)

My thoughts; the polarities of covid-19 counselling and psychotherapy services in derby April 18th 2020

Life is unbelievably surreal at the moment. The whole world has been engulfed by this pandemic; coronavirus; covid-19.

I’m hearing heart wrenching stories that are difficult to grasp and comprehend.

Deaths; people are dying all around us, hundreds of people in one day sometimes thousands, thousands of deaths per week.

There is an increase in anxiety, depression and domestic abuse amongst the already many complex mental health issues and no doubt agoraphobia after this?

Tragically addicts are buying in extra ‘stuff’ limiting the need to go out but heightening the risk of overdosing.

And let’s not forget people are still suffering with other massive life threatening diseases and illnesses on a daily basis like cancer etc. Some people are unable to have treatment in hospital because of covid-19 and dying people in hospital are unable to be with their loved ones. The NHS carers are over worked and under tremendous strain whilst saving lives in dangerous conditions. People who are blind are struggling because they rely on touch and we are trying not to touch anything! There are lonely people and families that are separated whilst boundaries and barriers are in place. School children are unable to attend school and their exams are on hold.

As a nation we are facing money worries due to losing jobs; the loss of small independent businesses and also large companies, this will have a disastrous effect to our economy. Etc. Etc.

I will end this list here because it’s endless and frightening.

Yet life is full of polarities and contrasts, if the list above is ‘bad’ lets look at all the ‘good’ we have:

The generosity and kindness of people; neighbours offering to do the shopping or take dogs for a walk for the elderly or those self isolating. Thanks must go to the people that continue to work in our supermarkets and the places offering our essential needs. Thanks to the companies that have stepped in and are supplying the NHS staff with free meals and those that are contributing by urgently making protective clothing because supplies are low. Thanks to the people inventing and producing protective equipment and those working tirelessly to find a cure for this virus. Thank you so much to our wonderful ‘rainbow’ NHS and all the care workers; I can’t praise them enough; they have the support of the nation.

Again the list is endless.

However, life is confusing right now, stressful and complicated; we have been instructed to stay at home and most of us are doing. If we go out we need to abide by the social distancing rules for everyone’s safety.

But hang on… Why has covid-19 been allowed to swallow our world? How did this pandemic erupt? Could this have been prevented? Will this ever end? Will we ever feel safe again? Will we want to travel again? Will we want to hug again?

Why? Why are the government failing in supplying PPE? Why are they forcing our NHS carers to risk their lives?

My life at the moment; As a family at home together we have our issues but generally we are happy and currently healthy. We now have a weed free garden (doesn’t everybody at the moment?), we have clean guttering all around the house, neat and tidy re-stained fences, doors, fascia boards and windows.

My counselling room has been spruced up and re-stained on the outside.

We have played Monopoly together and table tennis.

Thankfully I can still go out to exercise, I go running most mornings. Zoom has been a massive possibly ‘life saver’, I have ‘met up’ with groups of friends and colleagues on zoom and attended various classes and I’ve taken various courses to enhance my skills.

And then… What’s happening with the weather? On April 15th and 16th I had my shorts on and my suntan lotion out, on April 18th there was 30mph winds and rain and the central heating was back on! Just to add to the confusion!!

I have changed how I work well that’s not strictly true! I am still me and I am still a bloody good counsellor however I am now seeing clients via zoom. I was a little anxious but this is actually working out better than I expected. Well I didn’t actually expect anything did I because I didn’t expect to be in this position.

I am making the most of what I have got which is what most people are doing at the moment.

In this crisis we can chose to look at the positives. Thankfully we can still exercise and yes we can smile and even laugh at a time like this, our happiness and health is vital.

We can take time to smell the flowers and weeds; ‘weeds are flowers too once you get to know them.’ (Quote by A.A Milne)

Polarities (opposites) relating to this present time:

Up – down, ugly – beautiful, cruel – kind, Better – worse, calm – windy, Sad – happy,

Love – hate, hope – despair, blame – praise, bless – curse, build – destroy,

Bright – (rainbows) dull, Can – cannot, capable – incapable, captive – free, close – far, Fortunate – unfortunate, heartlessness – compassion, found – lost, known – unknown,

Laugh – cry, less – more, light – dark, heavy, low – high, No – yes, rich – poor, rough – smooth, Sorrow – joy, together – apart, wrong – right, beginning – end, healthy – sick,

Dangerous – safe, dead – alive, before – after.

I am now working with clients via zoom until circumstances change.






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